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About the company

William Fragachan

William Fragachan



Phone: 42 30 04 21

How does this works?

Well, the process varies depending on the kind of company and budget. Nevertheless we provide the following services.


We find out your company needs, whether it’s needed to invest on LinkedIn ads, make a SEO or any other marketing method required.


Once the core problems have been identified, we proceed to choose the right means to address them while planning multiple and different marketing campaigns directed to a more specific public or group of people


After we have chosen the channel, we set up few metrics for mesuring the success and we provide expectation of performance.



After we have run multiple tests we finally get to some conclusion regarding the data, and we move forward.


Having all the relevant data we will decide the best performing campaign and the best segment to focus on, thus giving a higher profitability.


After everything is done results and revenue achivied by the campaign will be provide.

Does this work for my business?

Yes, It does, and we are aware that not all buisnesses should run an intensive Marketing campaign, but studies show that 50% to 80% of the people check businesses online before visiting them personally, meaning that every buisness, wether small or big, should have an online front.

But not all of the digital marketing strategies work for every business. Some would need listing promotion and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), while others would need LinkedIn Ads and retargeting strategies. The right campaign depends on the service or products that are offered

Do you want to know what your business needs?

Would it be expensive? What is the cost?

In Get Clients Esbjerg we implement different kinds of campaigns since every client has a different need.

We reccomend every buisness to invest 7.997 Kr. per month during 3 to 5 months depending on the client’s budget. This is the optimal price to set up a high performing digital marketing campaign.

However, companies who wish to invest a lower or higher amount, can also ask for our services, we will create a personalized campaign for your buisness.

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Do I have time for this?

Yes, you do. in every project you will recieve contact every two weeks (more or less depending on you) with a small report with our objectives for your digital marketing strategy and with the completed tasks. You’ll know if we are testing the ads, optimizing them, implementing strategies, improving minor details, changing objectives, etc.

By the end of the third month we will send you a report with all the completed objectives, the returns of your investment and the new recommended objectives for the next campaign.

It can take you a maximum of 1 hour per month to know what is going on.

The more time our clients stay with us, the easier it is to advertise them and get them results.

Let's Work Together!

Businesses are migrating to the online enviroment, stop procrastinating and leaving things for later, contact me if you do not want to be behind this technological revolution.


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